Neufund and the Case for Selling Equity on the Blockchain

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Zoe Adamovicz

With the meteoric rise of ICOs, the questionable incentives and regulatory pitfalls of such offerings are becoming abundantly obvious. Yet, raising money from a global crowd by selling tokens is here to stay.

Neufund CEO Zoe Adamovicz explains their approach to blockchain crowdfunding. By putting tokens backed by actual equity on a blockchain, they allow sales that protect investors and are accessible to non-token-based projects.

Neufund is creating a platform to allow companies to sell tokens backed by actual company equity.

Topics in this episode
  • Neufund’s thesis of the revolutionary implications of token equity
  • The difference between ICOs and Equity Token Offerings (ETO)
  • Why from a regulatory perspective ETOs are uncomplicated
  • How Neufund’s token Neumarks serves to build a community
  • How the Initial Capital Building Mechanism is bootstrapping the ecosystem
  • The long-term vision of creating a global stock market