An Ethereum Podcast: Episode #6

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Episode 6

Guests: David Rugendyke, founder of RocketPool

RocketPool is a mining pool for proof-of-stake Casper.

While none of the parameters of Casper are final, a minimum of 1000 ETH has been discussed as a requirement for staking. RocketPool makes staking accessible to non-whales.

David and I discuss how he’s architected RocketPool for security of funds and also the devops behind making sure that your node is constantly online. RocketPool will use nodes around the world — but what happens if the data center catches fire where your Ether is staked?

I’m also excited that RocketPool is doing a proportional refund cap for their ongoing token sale. I’ve tried to convince more than few sales to do a proportional refund cap, but essentially RocketPool is the first to do a proportional refund cap.